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enzyme (lysozyme)

  Enzyme classes:
  EC 1: Oxidoreductases
  EC 2: Transferases
  EC 3: Hydrolases
  EC 4: Lyases
  EC 5: Isomerases
    EC 5.1
    EC 5.2
    EC 5.3
    EC 5.4
    EC 5.5
    EC 5.99
  EC 6: Ligases
  General information:
  Catalytic mechanism
  Enzyme kinetics
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EC 5 Isomerase, Nomenclature

Isomerase definition and nomenclature

According to the NC-IUBMB (Nomenclature Committee of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology) classification, EC 5 isomerases are enzymes that catalyse changes within one molecule.

EC 5 number classification of Isomerases

This classification is based on the chemical reactions catalysed by isomerase within substrate molecule.
  • EC 5.1 - Isomerases catalysed racemisation and epimerisation (Racemases and Epimerases)
  • EC 5.2 - Isomerases catalysed cis-trans-rearrangements of the double bond geometry.
  • EC 5.3 - Intramolecular oxidoreductases, catalysed the oxidation of one part of the molecule with subsequent reduction of another part.
  • EC 5.4 - Intramolecular Transferases, catalysed transfer of group of atoms from one part of molecule to another, sometimes with help of mediators.
  • EC 5.5 - Intramolecular Lyases, catalyse the cleavage of some bonds within the molecule, while the brutal molecular formula remain constant.
  • EC 5.99 - All other Isomerases. Temporary class for miscellaneous Isomerases.
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