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enzyme (lysozyme)

  Enzyme classes:
  EC 1: Oxidoreductases
  EC 2: Transferases
  EC 3: Hydrolases
  EC 4: Lyases
  EC 5: Isomerases
  EC 6: Ligases
    EC 6.1
    EC 6.2
    EC 6.3
    EC 6.4
    EC 6.5
    EC 6.6
  General information:
  Catalytic mechanism
  Enzyme kinetics
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EC 6. Ligase, Nomenclature

Ligase definition and nomenclature

According to the Nomenclature Committee of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology ( NC-IUBMB) classification, EC 6 ligases are enzymes that catalyse the joining of two molecules with simultaneous hydrolysis of of the diphosphate bond in triphosphate, usually ATP. for common name it is possible to use ligase, synthase or synthetase. In some cases carboxylase is also acceptable.

EC 6 number classification of Ligases

This classification is based on the type of covalent bond synthesised in catalytic act.
  • EC 6.1 - Synthesis of Carbon-Oxygen (C-O) bonds.
  • EC 6.2 - Synthesis of Carbon-Sulphur (C-S) bonds in acyl-CoA compounds.
  • EC 6.3 - Synthesis of Carbon-Nitrogen (C-N) bonds.
  • EC 6.4 - Synthesis of Carbon-Carbon (C-C) bonds. This sub-class of ligases usually named as carboxylases.
  • EC 6.5 - Synthesis of Phosphoric Ester bonds.
  • EC 6.6 - Synthesis of Nitrogen-Metal bonds, mainly as a metal chelation of a tetrapyrrole ring system.
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