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enzyme (lysozyme)

  Enzyme classes:
  EC 1: Oxidoreductases
    EC 1.1
    EC 1.2
    EC 1.3
    EC 1.4
    EC 1.5
    EC 1.6
    EC 1.7
    EC 1.8
    EC 1.9
    EC 1.10
    EC 1.11
      EC 1.11.1
    EC 1.12
    EC 1.13
    EC 1.14
    EC 1.15
    EC 1.16
    EC 1.17
    EC 1.18
    EC 1.19
    EC 1.20
    EC 1.21
    EC 1.97
    EC 1.98
    EC 1.99
  EC 2: Transferases
  EC 3: Hydrolases
  EC 4: Lyases
  EC 5: Isomerases
  EC 6: Ligases
  General information:
  Catalytic mechanism
  Enzyme kinetics
  Enzymes in industry

EC - chloride:hydrogen- peroxide oxidoreductase (chloride peroxidase)

3D structures of EC - chloride peroxidase in Protein Data Bank

updated: 6 January 2022, 2:15

In total: 34 PDB structures of EC - chloride peroxidase:
  1. 1a7u: Chloroperoxidase T
  2. 1a88: Chloroperoxidase L
  3. 1a8q: Bromoperoxidase A1
  4. 1a8s: Chloroperoxidase F/propionate Complex
  5. 1a8u: Chloroperoxidase T/benzoate Complex
  6. 1brt: Bromoperoxidase A2 Mutant M99T
  7. 1cpo: Chloroperoxidase
  8. 1idq: Crystal Structure of Native Vanadium-containing Chloroperoxidase from Curvularia Inaequalis
  9. 1idu: Crystal Structure of The Peroxide Form of The Vanadium- Containing Chloroperoxidase from Curvularia Inaequalis
  10. 1qhb: Vanadium Bromoperoxidase from Red Alga Corallina Officinalis
  11. 1qi9: X-ray Siras Structure Determination of a Vanadium-dependent Haloperoxidase from Ascophyllum Nodosum at 2.0 a Resolution
  12. 1vnc: Chloroperoxidase from The Fungus Curvularia Inaequalis
  13. 1vne: Chloroperoxidase from The Fungus Curvularia Inaequalis: Mutant D292A
  14. 1vnf: Chloroperoxidase from The Fungus Curvularia Inaequalis: Mutant R360A
  15. 1vng: Chloroperoxidase from The Fungus Curvularia Inaequalis: Mutant H404A
  16. 1vnh: Chloroperoxidase from The Fungus Curvularia Inaequalis: Mutant H496A
  17. 1vni: Chloroperoxidase from The Fungus Curvularia Inaequalis: Recombinant Holo-chloroperoxidase
  18. 1vns: Recombinant Apo-chloroperoxidase from Curvularia Inaequalis
  19. 3bb0: Crystal Structure of a Trapped Phosphate-intermediate in Vanadium Apochloroperoxidase Catalyzing a Dephosphorylation Reaction
  20. 2civ: Chloroperoxidase Bromide Complex
  21. 2ciw: Chloroperoxidase Iodide Complex
  22. 2cix: Chloroperoxidase Complexed with Cyclopentanedione
  23. 2ciy: Chloroperoxidase Complexed with Cyanide and Dmso
  24. 2ciz: Chloroperoxidase Complexed with Acetate
  25. 2cj0: Chloroperoxidase Complexed with Nitrate
  26. 2cj1: Chloroperoxidase Complexed with Formate (ethylene Glycol Cryoprotectant)
  27. 2cj2: Chloroperoxidase Complexed with Formate (sugar Cryoprotectant)
  28. 2cpo: Chloroperoxidase
  29. 2j18: Chloroperoxidase Mixture of Ferric and Ferrous States (low Dose Data Set)
  30. 2j19: Ferrous Chloroperoxidase (high Dose Data Set)
  31. 2j5m: Structure of Chloroperoxidase Compound 0
  32. 4dgq: Crystal Structure of Non-heme Chloroperoxidase from Burkholderia Cenocepacia
  33. 3w35: Crystal Structure of Apo-type Bacterial Vanadium-dependent Chloroperoxidase
  34. 3w36: Crystal Structure of Holo-type Bacterial Vanadium-dependent Chloroperoxidase
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